The complete Guest Management System

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What's it all about?

SMART is an acronym. It stands for Small & Medium Accommodation in Real Time.
The GMS part is because it is a comprehensive Guest Management System.

What’s it going to cost me?

Very little!

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What do I get with ?

What is all about?

What is all about?

SMARTdirect Is where the booking revolution starts!

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What is going to cost me?

SMART is one complete package. No extras or add ons required - not even a bank merchant account!

Included in the package is:

In line with the TrueNZ philosophy, there is:


No booking fees

No merchant account fee

No software fees

No minimum monthly transaction level


In fact the only  additional cost is a modest credit card processing fee charged on your guest transactions. Nothing else!

You get this whole package for:

No set up costs or Help Desk charges. No difference in cost for number of rooms for up to 8 rooms (or accommodation units). More than that and you’re not really “Small” are you, so you need a different version of SMART (coming soon)

The ONLY additional cost is the usual bank/credit card company charge for actually processing your credit card payments. In SMART this is a flat 3.25% regardless of where the card is issued and includes virtual cards as issued by some OTAs. These card processing fees are deducted from your settlement payments, which you receive twice weekly.

With SMART, other than these processing fees, there are NO additional bank fees, system costs or charges.

* Monthly payments are required to be by bank direct debit. Sorry, we are unable to accept any other form of monthly payments.

We'll make you welcome, why not join us?

SMARTgms,  SMARTres  and  SMARTdirect  are wholly owned and operated in New Zealand by TrueNZ Guides

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A real-time online calendar

The SMART real time calendar shows “Lookers” what IS available:

Which we think is a far better idea than the system used by most online booking calendars which require a “From” and “To” date and will return zero availability if even one of the selected nights is not available (and usually recommend a competitor property instead!)

The SMART real time calendar has very simple date manipulation via either the red arrows or the versatile date picker option:

Make sure you don’t miss bookings just because your “Lookers” can’t see your full availability story.


SMARTgms channel manager

SMARTgms includes a full scale channel manager (we prefer the term “Common Calendar”).

This connects your SMART calendar to your favourite booking “channels” like, Expedia, AirBnB etc etc - there are over 200 possible connections!

Included among these are connections to the Bed & Breakfast Association booking system and the system used by most New Zealand i-Sites.

It’s a full 2-way system so bookings made in your connected channels update SMART instantaneously, which in turn updates all other connected channels.

Using the SMART channel manager allows you to open more booking doors to increase your bookings without the risk of double bookings. It all happens automatically, no need to rush around updating all your calendars for bookings, or for those changes you make in your SMART calendar for your own holidays, days off etc.

The SMARTgms channel manager also provides iCal connections for many other booking sites that don’t offer full channel management. Examples are Glamping Hub, HolidayHomes etc.


Fully integrated electronic “Zip Zap”

SMARTgms includes a very clever credit card system so you can take credit card payments from your guests.

This is what we call a “dual function” system so you can take online deposit payments from guests when they make bookings. You can also use the SMART card system to take your onsite guest payments when they are with you.

The payments system is online, so you don’t need an EFTPOS terminal or any other equipment and nor do you need to switch to any other website - the payment system is seamlessly integrated into SMARTgms.

Our SMART payments system also accepts the “virtual” credit cards increasingly used by the major booking sites.

Best of all, you don’t need a bank merchant account or to incur any other bank fees or charges. In fact there is no extra cost at all except for the credit card processing fee applicable to each card transactin put through the system. That is a low 3.25% on all transactins.

The fully & seamlessly integrated card system is provided by the ANZ Bank so your “bookers” and guests can be assured that their card details are ultra secure.


The SMART “Widget”

SMARTgms includes a carefully designed “widget” for you to put on your own website. This automatially links your own site to the SMARTres calendar & booking system.

We provide you with the “snippet” of code so your website manager can very easily add it in. This usually takes a competent website manager about 2 minutes to do, seriously!

SMART offers you a choice of 5 designs of widget, you can use one or more as many ties as you like on your site.

Alternatiely we can provide the small piece of code to convert an existig buttn or tab you have in your website so that it is a direct link to your SMARTres calendar & booking system. This same piece of code can be used to link from sites like, etc. These additinal links will surely help increase your direct bookings.


You also get a FREE listing on the TrueNZ

SMARTgms was developed, is run and wholly owned by

TrueNZ has been publishing New Zealand online accommodation guides since 1999. Our highly rated online New Zealand Bed & Breakfast Guide consistently produces over 8,000 page views per listed property each year. More significantly each listed property receives an average of more than 400 quality referrals to their own website each year.

That is what the TrueNZ online accommodation guides are all about - getting the attention of “lookers” and helping you capture them as “bookers”.

The TrueNZ sites are marketing sites. We leave the bookings to SMART.

As a subscriber to SMART you also automatically get a FREE listing on the most appropriate TrueNZ online accommodation site. This will help increase your direct booking traffic.


Easy management of the April 2024 GST changes

SMART makes managing the otherwise hugely complex GST situation for accommodation providers really simple! Just tell SMART your GST status, select the adjustments you want for each connected booking site (to adjust for GST implications) and SMART automatically does the rest for you.

SMART even gives you an easy to understand GST report telling you exactly what has happened in your bookings for any selected GST return period. Which booking sites have paid how much GST, what is your “Zero Rated Supply”, which bookings you still need to pay GST for and, if you are not GST registered, tells you what you should have in "Flat Tax Credits".